Artist’s Statement

I have always enjoyed shapes, shadows, colors, and the creative spark of the very special artist. When a collector acquires an artist's work, they become viscerally affected by the piece in both a subtle and sometimes powerful manner.

The collector is making both a financial commitment and also a lifestyle decision by allowing a piece of sculpture to occupy his work or home environment. If it is my work they select, I want them to know they have purchased a unique item of which no other exists.

I have been sculpting for over 6 years and collecting art for over 30 years. Most of my sculptures are created from found objects and are recombined in a "freeform" manner to create a shape or structure that I find either pleasing or slightly irritating. I love both balance and imbalance.

I have been greatly flattered to have been included in exhibitions with fabulous artists such as George Rickey, Henry Moore, Ed Benavente, Bret Price, Jasper Jones, Fletch Benton, Harry Bertoia, Sam Francis, David Hockeny, and many others.

As a collector, it is hard to describe the enjoyment and meaning that the art I create and own has meant in my life. I hope I can share that passion, enjoyment and excitement with others!